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JodyJazz SuperJET Alt Sax Mouthpiece
  • JodyJazz SuperJET Alt Sax Mouthpiece
  • JodyJazz SuperJET Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

JodyJazz SuperJET Bariton Sax Mouthpiece

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Great for Smooth Jazz, Rock, Funk and Contemporary Jazz.

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The SUPER JET is a Silver-Plated Brass Mouthpiece developed specifically with the Smooth Jazz, Rock and Funk player in mind. It’s a very contemporary sounding mouthpiece with many characteristics we have not offered in our range up until this time. It’s going to give you more power, more edge and more altissimo. But as with all of our mouthpieces, it is beautifully free-blowing with enough bottom in the sound to make it more versatile than many mouthpieces in this category of small chamber pieces. The SUPER JET also features a shorter facing curve for insane altissimo.

Power Edge & Altissimo

Power and projection are derived from the small step baffle design. Brightness, edge and cut are enhanced by the Silver-Plated virgin bell brass which gives the SUPER JET a crisp clean brightness that can get very funky and dirty and due to the beak design the piece really vibrates. Like all JodyJazz mouthpieces the SUPER JET features a hand-crafted baffle, thin tip rail and side rails for that instantaneous response that JodyJazz is famous for.

Four Goals in Creating the SUPER JET Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
  1. POWER - To create our most powerful mouthpiece yet while retaining the free-blowing full sound that is the trademark of JodyJazz mouthpieces.
  2. EDGE - To have the ability to cut through loud instruments such as drums, electric guitars etc.
  3. ALTISSIMO - To create a mouthpiece that easily produces the highest altissimo notes. The Altissimo is actually helped by a shorter facing curve.
  4. GREAT QUALITY - We use cutting edge technology and expert handcraftsmanship. Each mouthpiece is individually play tested by Jody Espina or one of our professional saxophonists on staff to insure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the saxophone. We demand and achieve the most rigorous quality control possible.



Tip Openings
JodyJazz SUPER JET Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings


  • 6 = .090
  • 7 = .101
  • 7* = .108
  • 8* = .116
  • 9* = .125
  • 10* = .135


The SUPER JET Difference
  1. 5 Axis CNC Machining - Allows for extremely precise manufacturing and repeatability.
  2. Unique Design - The unique inner shape of the JodyJazz SUPER JET Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece gives it a unique sound and feel.
  3. Shorter Facing Curve - Allows for great altissimo.


What Does The SUPER JET Do?
  • Powerful Cutting Sound
  • Free Blowing
  • Easy extreme Altissimo
  • Low notes come out easily
  • Versatility – sounds pretty when played softly

How Does The SUPER JET Do It?
  • Small Chamber with step baffle
  • Precision - CNC Machined
  • Proprietary Shorter Facing Curve
  • Hand Finished Baffle and Tip Rail
  • Play tested by Jody Espina or Staff


Special Notes on the SUPER JET Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Due to the shorter facing curve on the SUPER JET a softer reed than you might normally use could be appropriate. This is because the reed actually has less length in which to vibrate. This doesn't hinder playing at all, in fact it makes the SUPER JET one of the greatest altissimo pieces of all time. Altissimo still works great with a little softer reed. These are my observations and how I like to play the SUPER JET. For example on a JodyJazz DV Tenor 7, I play a D’Addario Select Jazz 3M, and on the SUPER JET, I prefer a 3S or 2H. The SUPER JET is very free-blowing but I think the SUPER JET's shorter facing curve makes a difference with the reed. The main message is that anytime you are trying a new mouthpiece two things are very important: finding the right reed for the mouthpiece and making sure that while you try the mouthpiece you are in tune. Don't assume that it will go on the neck in the same place as your previous mouthpiece. In fact the SUPER JET pushes on further than many mouthpieces. I love the SUPER JET and I hope you will too.

Jody Espina – President, JodyJazz

Hand Finished and Play Tested

Every JodyJazz mouthpiece is hand finished to insure the absolute best quality. In addition, each mouthpiece is individually play tested by Jody Espina or one of our professional saxophonists on staff to insure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the saxophone.

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