"Ring" Ligature Sterling Silver Plated Messing für JodyJazz DV/CHI/DV NY

"Ring" Ligature Sterling Silver Plated Messing für JodyJazz  DV/CHI/DV NY

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What Is the "Ring" Ligature?
The Ring Ligature is an elegant solution to the problem with ligatures that dampen vibration of the reed. The Ring’s self locking CNC machined taper touches on three points only; the left and right side of the reed and on top of the mouthpiece. The Ring Ligature has no moving or added parts, thereby increasing the efficiency of vibration. The optimum wall thickness has been chosen to create the most freedom and vibration of the reed which also increases the amount of harmonics present in the saxophone sound. The Ring is CNC machined brass and will be available in three plating options: Blackened Brass, Sterling Silver and 24kt Gold.

The JodyJazz Ring Ligature comes with an ff-cap and deluxe pouch.

Increasing the efficiency of vibration.
The best saxophone ligature is a ligature that allows the reed the most freedom to vibrate. The ligature that allows the most vibration from the reed will allow the most harmonics to be present in the sound which results in the fullest saxophone sound containing high, mid and low frequencies. Also we believe that the best saxophone ligature is the ligature that is the most free blowing. When the ligature increases the reed’s efficiency of vibration the mouthpiece feels easier to blow.
Perfect Fit
The JodyJazz Ring is a saxophone ligature designed specifically by Jody Espina for the JodyJazz DV, DV CHI and DV NY series of saxophone mouthpiece. Some ligatures that players have used in the past on the DV and DV NY series saxophone mouthpieces are the Rovner sax ligature, Selmer sax ligature, Vandoren sax ligature, Franciois Louis ligature and the BG ligature. We feel that while these are all fine saxophone ligatures, none of these brands has been designed specifically for the JodyJazz DV, DV CHI or DV NY series. The taper of the Ring ligature is the exact taper of the DV series mouthpiece. The Ring simply slides over your reed and will become very secure as you push the Ring tightly over the reed.


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